What is it?

Stay Charged is a mobile charging solution for all types of Entertainment Venues!
We provide you the solution for your guest to charge their mobile device without you taking on the responsibility of caring for the device.
Stay Charged is the most unique solution to provide your guests in hand mobile charging.

Works with both Apple and Android

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The benefits of providing a wireless charging platform include increased traffic and higher customer loyalty for brands that adapt early.Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic Inc. in QSR Magazine.com


Wireless charging elevates the guest experience by providing a solution to a very real problem: the inability to stay powered and connected throughout the day and night. Now you can easily and affordably offer your customers Stay Charged.

The more power your guest needs the longer they stay.

  • No more taking the responsibility of the guests mobile device
  • Staff is no longer spending time looking for a plug to plug in the guest charger
  • No more wall chargers and wires in the venue

Golf Courses

There are many popular mobile applications that provide informational and analytical data for today’s golfer. The only problem is they use lots of power. Provide your golfers with Stay Charged as a convenience or for a nominal fee.

Either way you provide them an easy to hold and seamlessly integrated charging experience with no cables or plugs.

Hotel Resort and Spa’s

Are you still taking the responsibility of your guest mobile devices?

You can now offer your guests hand held wire-free mobile charging.

Stay Charged can deliver a low cost solution to your venue that will elevate your guests’ experience.

Outdoor Festivals

Make sure your guest Stay Charged for the final encore of their favorite artist.
Our Stay Charged Festival Team can provide your festival goers the freedom to never run out of power. Stay Charged gives them complete mobility so they can enjoy every act and not from the charging tent.

Our Stay Charged devices use a patented dual suction technology that won’t leave your guests hanging.

About Us

Our purpose is to help our clients elevate their guest’s experience by keeping them connected.

As a mobile society more and more guests want or need to stay connected and Stay Charged gives you the ability to deliver that freedom.

Guests are likely to spend their time and money at venues where they can enjoy an experience while also charging their smartphone.


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Be one of the first to provide in-hand mobile charging at your venue and give guests another reason to stay longer and enjoy the experience you offer.

Stay Charged
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