Our Program and Concierge Service

  • 5,10 or 20 Stay Charged devices – 6 month or 1 year Programs
  • 12 Month Program includes Co-Branded Logo’s
  • 60% – iPhone and 40%– Droid
  • Charging Station or Tray and Cables
  • 10% Theft/Loss coverage
  • Revenue Share on retained Devices. You are paid $ 50.00 for processing the Credit Card. We replace the Stay Charged devices!
  • 100% Warranty on everything for the entire term
  • Ongoing training for all staff
  • Monthly inspection and testing of all equipment
  • All new technology in 1 year under the 1 year agreement

How does Stay Charged deliver an ROI

  • —The fact public mobile charging is a new amenity, first time users are likely to post comments on social media about your venue providing such a service. This will lead to a increase in awareness and potential acquisition of new guests.
  • —This amenity could spike levels of loyalty with some existing guests as well as their word of mouth in social groups.
  • —Longer stays by some guests will most likely boost the total ticket price.
  • —Ultimately with our Gen2 product and mobile application the use of Push notifications about specials or upcoming events and promotions.